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We understand 
the state of the technology  and can separate hype from facts

Self driving cars were supposed to be on the roads in 2020. However in the process of developing the technology, several bottlenecks were discovered with respect to the unit economics of the sensor suite, compute stack and data management. What we are developing disrupts all three bottlenecks, greatly accelerating roadmaps for our customers.


Real Time Scene Construction

The crux of our focus is on boosting the car’s reliance on real time scene construction and reducing the reliance on prior maps and localization. This is achieved by processing 360 sensor data in real time and extracting the semantic context of a scene. Having a robust understanding of scene context, reduces reliance on prior maps and localization.


Vision Positioning
is key

Hyperspec systems support a hybrid approach. We utilize cross-view localization for global positioning and vision odometry for relative positioning. Our system does not utilize any IMUs and we currently use the same GPS that you have in most smartphones. If LiDAR is available, we are able to augment the cross-view localization capabilities.

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Computer Vision Engineer

Candidates should have experience with various ML pipelines, CUDA, ROS, camera calibration, object recognition, auto encoders, etc. Object Detection / Tracking, Scene Segmentation / Vectorization, Visual Odometry, Cross View Localization, SLAM

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Senior Software Engineer

Candidates should have experience with embedded software development, data structures, C/C++, ROS, video and image pipelines, message queues, TCP/UDP, Webservices, Node.js, Python, ML Frameworks, Toolchains, and CI/CD infrastructure.

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Hardware Design Engineer

Candidates should have experience with FPGAs, PCB, Xilinx, Altera, or similar SoCs. Experience with ISPs, Cameras, Switches a plus.

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