Author: Emily Leung

Collaboration vs Consolidation: Navigating the Evolving Autonomous Driving Industry

The evolution of the Autonomous Driving (AD) industry has been rapid and dynamic, As the industry has grown, we have seen a wide variety of approaches to the development of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). Some companies have focused on developing specific subunits, such as perception or planning, while others have attempted to develop a full autonomous…
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The Purpose of the Map

There’s a scene from The Office (American) where Michael so literally follows the instructions from his GPS that he drives into the lake while screaming ‘THE MACHINE KNOWS’. While it might seem like this was written for TV, it actually happened to a woman in Tobermory, ON and it’s easy to find other unbelievable driving…
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Why Overfitting Data is a Handicap for ADAS Deployment

ADAS enabled vehicles are most commonly driven on highways and main roads for a number of reasons. One reason is that these types of roads tend to have less complex driving scenarios compared to residential areas or side roads. Highways and main roads often have fewer intersections and more predictable traffic patterns, which can make…
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