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Data Augmentation

We can take your existing video data and extract relevant information. Currently, we support the following: Object Recognition 2. Vision Odometry 3. Scene Segmentation 4. Depth Estimation

Data Processing

We support media transcoding in the cloud. You can easily convert mpeg2 video to H264 mp4. We also support HLS streams as well. Additionally, we also have the ability to remove privately identifiable information from video streams. The output video looks like this. The license plates get scrubbed and faces get blurred.

Data Collection provides data collection services to researchers, academics, engineers and self driving companies using our pre-configured sensor system. The deliverable will include a 4K or 8K equirectangular image with 360HFoV x 180 VFoV @ 30FPS. We also provide time synchronized GPS trace data. We charge $20 per km for each direction of data collect. We…
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We provide Retrofit services by integrating with different vehicle form factors. This includes custom form factor integration of our sensors. Here are a couple example projects we have done for clients.

Calibration Services offers calibration services for autonomous vehicles. Using our proprietary sensor agnostic calibration service, we provide a vehicle configuration file that describes the vehicle frame of reference, the location of each sensor with respect to the vehicle frame. We co-mount our LiDAR sensor with your sensor stack to create a shared perspective with your sensor…
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