Down in the trenches with Robert, a Geospatial Ops Manager for a large ADAS team

Down in the trenches with Robert, a Geospatial Ops Manager for a large ADAS team

As a Geospatial Ops Manager, Robert is responsible for running product operations for a large Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) team at an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This includes managing multiple teams that handle different tasks such as lane segmentation, free space detection, map creation, and map updating. However, Robert has been facing several challenges with task management and delegation of work, which has led to frequent miscommunications and confusion.

One of the major issues that Robert has been dealing with is the performance of the ADAS system. Recently, there have been several complaints about the system not working as expected. After conducting an investigation, Robert discovered that the problem was caused by windshields being replaced after a rock hit them on the highway. The repair shops were not properly calibrating the ADAS sensors after the replacement, which was causing the system to malfunction.

Calibration is a critical aspect of ADAS as it ensures that the sensors are working correctly and providing accurate data. Without proper calibration, the system will not be able to function as intended, which can lead to safety hazards on the road. Robert was struggling to ground truth datasets that were returning with bad sensor calibration due to the replaced windshields, and he was desperate for a solution.

In addition to the ADAS performance issues, Robert was recently put in charge of the triage team. This team is responsible for identifying and prioritizing issues that need to be addressed. Managing this interdisciplinary team has been a source of frustration for Robert, as he is dealing with multiple teams with different expertise and perspectives.

To overcome these challenges, Robert started using Roadmentor, a software platform that helps with task management and delegation of work. With Roadmentor, Robert was able to coordinate different teams seamlessly and easily delegate sections on a grid to various annotation teams. The platform also uses double blind experiments to automatically quality assurance the work, which makes Robert’s life easier.

Roadmentor has been a game-changer for Robert, as it has helped him to overcome the challenges of managing multiple teams and tasks. He is now able to delegate work more efficiently and effectively, which has led to a significant improvement in the performance of the ADAS system. With Roadmentor, Robert is able to ensure that the ADAS system is working correctly and providing accurate data, which is critical for the safety of the drivers on the road.

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