Next Gen AI

We are creating an alternate future which enables Robots to create their own maps and write their own code. Using a combination of Large Language Models, Procedural Scene generation and Computer Vision, Hyperspec AI is unlocking hundreds of use cases that didn’t exist before.


Utilizing Generative AI to create dynamic topologies for HD maps. We enabled workflows for large scale map creation.


Feedback loops and Programmable Primitives enable machine / user prompts to provide reinforcement learning.


The usage of generative AI allows us to generate customized geospatial analytics from the raw sensor data and it’s labels.

Generative AI for Robotics

Language is the medium for sensing and reasoning. We combine the best of vision and natural language processing to enable robust intelligent robotic systems.

Generative Code as Policies

Generate code as policies on demand to unlock the infinite potential of your robotic platforms.

Feedback Loops

Provide users and machines an ability to interact with your stack through natural language processing.

Generative Maps

Use the capabilites of Generative AI to upgrade 2D navigation maps into 3D HD maps for autonomous systems.


Urban Data Collection

Hyperspec AI was retained by Amazon in 2020 to Map the City of London. Hyperspec AI retrofitted a vehicle in London, and mapped every street of London


immersive 360 video data for all of London


Inertial / GNSS data @ 100Hz


2D bounding boxes and segmentation of imagery


Vision based positioning with drift correction

Point Cloud Registration

Our low cost data collection hardware leverages our proprietary cloud backend to generate visually stunning point clouds and we even support colorization.


Accurate positioning data even in GPS denied environments.

Label Ops for Sensor Data

We provide indepth autolabeling and MLOps data pipelines to automate the map creation and annotation processes after data collection.