Month: June 2023

Auto Labeling for Efficient Annotation Process

Auto labeling techniques have revolutionized the annotation process in various fields, enabling faster and more efficient data labeling. In this post, we will explore two popular auto labeling workflows: map projection and tracking. These techniques leverage existing information and object movement patterns to automate the annotation process. 1. Map Projection for Auto Labeling One effective…
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Hyperspec: Streamlined Data Management and Performance-Driven Models

Hyperspec’s offerings to customers encompasses various key features to help businesses accelerate adoption of autonomous systems. Data Management and Model Performance Improvement We provide a comprehensive data management system that enables efficient handling of data. This includes conducting annotations, performing training, and ensuring the verification and validation of model performance. Once the model has shown…
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The Impact of Autonomous Systems on Labor, Trade and Economic Growth

The rise of autonomous systems, particularly autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), is revolutionizing industries, impacting labor demand and trade deficits. Labor Shortages and Growing Demand From a macro perspective, deploying advanced technology solutions has significant market impact. As we analyze labor and demand, it becomes evident that while the demand for labor is steadily increasing year…
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